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1 year of bike commuting

Well, I rolled around to a whole year of the bike commute and forgot all about it. Like most things if you do it long enough it's a habit.

Here are the numbers:

Those are pretty averaged.. I think my mileage is quite a bit more than that.

I was working on the bike the other day and wondering why I'm having to replace crap all the time... It didn't occur to me that I'd been riding it more than a year, and that for this winter at least, it's been parked outside during my 9-5. : (

Anyway, not much to say. I never drove to work. Even to the point of riding in, then riding home to get my car so I could make it to appointments out of town, etc.

I rode in all kinds of weather, and only wussed once or twice. We had one day when I woke up and windchill was at -30 or so.. I worked from home for the morning and went in at noon.

Oh, I also had one sick day, which suuuucked.. I felt fine in the morning, and had to pedal my ass home at around 11 with a massive headachey fever thing. I puked in a creek by my house.

I love my bike.