What's a Link? What's a URL?

I've been helping my mother set up a website for the business she started recently. I gave here a straightforward drupal setup, with TinyMCE for some WYSIWYG HTML authoring.

That's obviously not enough though. If she's going to make her own content, she needs to at least understand the basics. Here's an email I sent her on the topic of why the content she created isn't available anywhere, while some of it is. (there are no links to it.)

Maybe it'll help someone else as well.

The JPL's Athlete bot prototype


This is a freaking rad design. I'm really impressed by the interchangeable tools and power taps on each leg. Such great ideas!

Woot! Darpa Urban challenge!

This year it's about fully autonomous cars navigating an urban environment. (with traffic!)

Here's an article about it

I assembled all the videos from each school after the break

New Egg.com: sneaky bastards.

So, I'm ordering something at newegg, and I get this log in prompt..

Don't read the words and tell me what that checkbox is usually for.. (remember my login.. right?)

In fact it's to fracking sign up for their spam! Grrr.

I've been conditioned when I see a login prompt to type my username *tab* my password *tab* press *space* on the checkbox *tab* press *space* again to submit the form..

They almost got me.

Happy Halloween!

My friend Orf sent me this today. Gotta love the internet.. it's got it all.

Linux is coming along. It will become a competitor.

With Ubuntu 7.10, I've come to believe that Linux is beginning to come to its 'tipping point' where it will be a viable desktop OS for your average computer user. The only thing holding it back is lack of application support. More and more though, the open source/cross platform alternatives have gotten so good that I prefer them to the stuff Microsoft is offering. Firefox and Thunderbird being notable examples, but I have many more.

Argument Topic: 

If you can't open it, you don't own it... Apple closed it.

Apple finally cracked down on iphone hackers. So today's the day I feel justified in not buying one yet. They've released a fantastically powerful tool and hobbled it to be nothing more than a shiny toy.

As consumers we need to demand access to the software of systems we buy. Software being in the hands of everyone to modify is what gives it great power.

FrankenToys For Pets

I made a flickr group for my more interesting pet toys. Our dog chews through toys faster than we can buy them, so I've been reworking them with needle and thread whenever possible.

Craftzine took an interest. Yay!

The Flickr group can be found here.

Put the date on your blog entries!

I don't know how many times lately I've been googling for info and found an article that describes what I need for some obscure CSS or javascript trick, or even server side programming language only to find that it's completely obsolete.

I dig through the whole thing then realize that it was obviously written in 1997 and is completely irrelevant. Put a date on your articles people! Tech is constantly in flux and your tips and tricks rot in obsolescence... I'm tired of googling articles about php 3, or javascript for Netscape navigator 4!

File Faster, Pull Icons Off of Your Bills

I was reorganizing my file cabinet recently (after neglecting the project for many years and building up a severe organizational deficit.) I was getting all fired up and ready for making a word template for the folder tabs I would need, when laziness (and therefore invention) struck.

Why not just cut the cool colorful letter head off of one of the bills in each folder and slap that on there? I don't really care to define that 'comcast = cable bill' I know that.. I just want to come up with a tab that tells me what's in there.


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