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A 500 mile commute

So I made it my goal to ride to work every day ever since I started my job in February. It's been interesting. The winter was practically easier than summer heat. (and it's only gotten to about 85 around here) Business casual dress + 5 miles a day on a bike make for a not totally nasty, but funkier than average Aaron sometimes.

Anyway, the other reason I really wanted to post this is to test out google's spreadsheet embedding in html. Here are my calculations about the commute:

Google's becoming pretty fracking impressive. It's a pretty fun time to be an html fluent webmonkey.

Back to the commute for a bit, I was surprised to see that had I driven my car that whole time, I would have only saved about 17 gallons of gas (as of 6/10). Here I was telling my wife that all the money I've been spending on my bike has been offsetting lots of expensive fuel.. bummer.

The commute stretches over to mountain Ave on the way home so it can end up being a good 20 minutes of excercise. Some days I go straight home, some days I go much further.. so it's just an attempt at an average.