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20 minutes of exercise a day for 2 years

So as I mentioned in my previous post, I've been doing this thing where I exercise in some fashion for no less than 20 minutes every day. I hit 2 years over a week ago, and it was more or less a non-event. The 20 minutes thing has gone from something i'm 'doing' to just something I do. It's habit. I think about it every day, and I just do it.

I got a cubicle job in February at CSU, and because I'm a strange man with strange goals, I had to set up a new one related to this job. I'll never drive to work. I plan to ride my bike, regardless of weather for a year. I'm up to 2 months. I've ridden in slushy muck, rainy snow, etc. So far so good. (I'll blog about what I've learned on that subject here too.)

The point is, that ride (about 2.5 miles) each way has become my average workout. I run less than I used to. I also go climbing with my brother every week, and go to yoga with my lovely wife and friends. So really, the 20 minutes thing has gotten rather easy. I have so many regular opportunities and exercise commitments that I sometimes forget I'm still doing it.

I haven't recorded my workouts in quite a while. (the runs are still tracked on my gps) So I don't have many stats to give. Again, the weakest workout I've had was counting a brisk walk or two. But on average, I'm still the fittest I've ever been, though I'm probably getting a bit less cardio than I did last year. My weight is still holding around 135-140.

The point is, after 6 months or so, it just becomes habit. I wouldn't trade it for anything.

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I rode my bike to work every day in Ft. Collins. Through all kinds of weather.

If I remember correctly, you made fun of my awesome commuting bike, with its baskets for shopping and my attempts at chains for the tires.

Yeah.. in the creation of mine.. I used my whole ass.. I don't believe i made fun of the bike or baskets.. but the chains were fracking hilarious.. you have to admit this.. Mr. "I forgot how brakes work"..

I've got studded tires. ; )