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Can't easily unsubscribe? Corrupt!

Background: My asshole of a friend Jason Gentry once thought it would be funny to sign me up for whatever crap he could find on the internet. As a result, I've been receiving American Trucker magazine, and mailings from the national association of female executives for the past 4 years. These mailings have followed me through 4 address changes.

I am not a trucker, nor am I a female executive. Today, my mailbox was filled with both an AT catalog, and a massive (about a big phone book * 2) Mouser Electronics catalog. I ordered a single $5 part from mouser a few months ago, and now my mailbox is stuffed with a half a tree EVERY month. (which seems odd for a company that has a page about their commitment to the environment posted prominently on their site.)

I asked my friend Nik about this, as he works for a publishing company which was recently acquired by the folks that put out American Trucker. He didn't have many suggestions short of sending emails and making phone calls.

He did however strike upon one idea that I'm now attempting. Most of these companies have no 'unsubscribe' links. There's no automated method to get out of their database. There is however, an automated method for corrupting it. At his suggestion, I changed my address with American Trucker to their address. Here's hoping it works.


That's hilarious that Jason's prank from all those years ago is still working! AWESOME!!!

no... it's not! I'm tired of filling my trash with stuff I don't want. it's insanely wasteful. I have to say I'm becoming a bit of a privacy nazi. I'm tired of finding myself in countless databases i can't control or remove myself from.