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Put the date on your blog entries!

I don't know how many times lately I've been googling for info and found an article that describes what I need for some obscure CSS or javascript trick, or even server side programming language only to find that it's completely obsolete.

I dig through the whole thing then realize that it was obviously written in 1997 and is completely irrelevant. Put a date on your articles people! Tech is constantly in flux and your tips and tricks rot in obsolescence... I'm tired of googling articles about php 3, or javascript for Netscape navigator 4!


I agree! And if the semantic web and standardized data formats ever truly come into vogue, then Google results could even be sortable by things like date. Cuz while you might not want the IE5 for Mac article, you might want the PHP 4 article instead of the PHP 5 one. Course, sites with advertising that still get hits for PHP 3 articles might not WANT any of that...