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QTFairUse6 2.5

Well, ladies and gentlemen, the iTunes Music Store (iTMS) just got useful.

With the release of QTFairUse6 2.5, you can finally, quickly and effortlessly, strip Fairplay DRM infection from your iTMS files without screwing up your iTunes library or playlists. This handy little app scours your library for offending files, captures them to non-DRMed AAC files, and replaces them in the database, so everything continues to work as before. It also backs up the infected ("protected" in industry parlance) files to a folder of your choosing, should you find that something didn't work right.

There is no command line to fuss with, no obscure settings, nothing. Just fire up the application, tell it to process all, tell it whether and where to save the original files, and hit "Start Conversion."

Since this was released last week, I have spent about $50 at the iTMS. I still don't like the sound of the files that much, but for things like re-buying CDs that I stupidly sold when I was strapped for cash in college but that I don't care that much about (Nirvana's In Utero, for example), it's quick and easy. And now that I know that I can keep the things I buy, I have no qualms about using the iTMS.

Hey Apple and RIAA thugs, if you're reading this: Do you understand what I'm saying? I will give you money if you let me keep what I buy. If you don't, I won't. It seems pretty straightforward to me, but then again, I don't have shit for brains.

Anyway, get this app and clean up your tracks before Apple makes you upgrade iTunes again and you have to wait for that to be cracked!

For those of you (I'm looking at you, aaron!) who are unwilling to read the post linked above, here is a direct download link, which includes the files necessary for cracking iTunes 7.1.1:

Download QTFairUse6 2.5

Just unzip it and follow the instructions in the ReadMe and the QTFU-Help files (Although what's written above is really all you need... The only thing you might need to do before hitting "Start Conversion" is tell it whether and where to back up the DRMed tracks).


Still for me!


I was confused by the fact that I'd been to that thread a thousand times, looking for a revival of the hymn project.. and it still looks the same.. (except for the first post)

They should make a new one already.

You have to update the .cfg file with a buncha lines that can be found on the last page of that forum thread.

I've had some success with ripping the drm off of some files. I had to install and authorize itunes on my pc. Now, how to do that to my whole library, and put it back on the mac.. : /

batty.. you've moved around itunes libraries.. right? and done some consolidation tricks or something?