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What happens on the internet.. stays on the internet.

A 27 year old teaching student was denied her teaching certificate
because they saw her 'drunken pirate' picture on her myspace page and deemed it 'unprofessional'.

News flash people. We're all humans, everybody poops. None of us will be 'professional' 100% of the time, if we were, we'd be the kind of wound up stressed out folks you wouldn't want anywhere NEAR children. Everyone has a personal life. Some people *cough* choose to share that personal life on the internet with the world. I'd say that's a sign of maturity and self esteem... They know who they are and are willing to let you see it. The people that have a problem with them are the ones who don't like who they are, and think everyone should hide their true selves from others.

I hope she gets her 75k and a certificate. These guys need to be smacked upside the head.