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internet's down... So I blog.

Comcast, is a pain in the ass. Every couple weeks, I wake up to no internet access. The old cable modem is blinking, and the tv's got nothing but snow.

For a while there, I got lucky. I'd call Comcast support, and I'd get a tech that would listen to me, realize that well.. the tv, and the modem are separate entities, so I MUST have a service outage that's bigger than my cable modem.

This morning, and a couple weeks ago, I get stuck with the stupid techs.

"have you restarted your modem"
"have you torn down your entire network and burned the cables?"
"have you restarted your computer for some stupid reason?" (heh! which one?)

er... no.. because I don't have to. Just register a stupid ticket lady!!

It goes on and on like this.. Finally, I talk her into registering a ticket, she puts me on hold, comes back and says. "In registering a ticket I noticed there was an outage in your area"

Well no shit... The *good* techs I've talked to in the past have checked that first thing... why the hell are you checking it last.. after endlessly hassling me about it being my modem.. despite any logical reason why my modem would also bring down my TV!

I've been told by many techs that if enough people call, they escalate the problem and send out a tech. I'm really calling them for nothing more than to register a vote that they fix it..

I wish geeks could get a special card.. or a number. If I can be guaranteed I'd be getting a tech that won't treat me like I have the tech knowledge of Barney the dinosaur, that call could have been all of 30 seconds long.

me: "My cable is entirely down. Video and Internet, here's my phone number."
them: "there's an outage in your area"
me: "add me to the list. thanks"
them: "no problem *click*"

yeah.. i want a geek ID card that bypasses bullshit.


That's why I switched to Qwest. I've had exactly two outages. With the first one, I had a tech show up in < 24 hrs. who not only got me up and running, but re-wired the CO where the fiber comes into my neighborhood, thus increasing my speed from 3 megabits to the full on advertised 5 megabits. The second time I called, somebody informed me that they didn't know of an outage in my area, but they'd check it out. I got a call back about two hours later from a tech on my street asking me to let him know if it was working. (It was.)

As for geek-passcards, I've found extended warranties are usually the equivalent. (And not available for Comcast, of course.)

For Comcast, you want to call the TV people instead of the internet people if both your TV and internet are down. The TV people are local, the internet people are national. Also, if you call late (after 9 or 10 PM) you get routed to the main customer service office in St. Louis which is almost entirely staffed by folks they escalate you to. (I had a Comcast sales rep in my b-school class.)