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Cops are above the law

A couple catches a cop speeding, is charged with stalking.

Anyone who knows me probably knows this about me: I hate cops. I mean, really. It doesn't matter if they seem like the nicest guys/girls in the world; I know that deep down, those fuckers are broken. They are sick. Psychopaths. Dangerous animals who should be caged or put to sleep. I really do hate them.

A large part of this, I'll admit, is really just sour grapes. See, I, too, would like to be able to do things like blow away unarmed civilians and be acquitted of any wrongdoing, or stalk and ejaculate on strippers with impunity, but I can't. I'm a lowly taxpaying citizen. Not a member of the jackbooted ruling class like them. I'm not given a fast car loaded with techtoys, a shotgun, a sidearm, and a license to piss all over the law because I "put my ass on the line for the people every day." Or something like that.

Also, when I get a speeding ticket--say, 11 miles over the limit on an empty interstate at 2AM--I can't charge the cop with stalking, even though that is exactly what he is doing. If I get a camera ticket, I am expected to pay it even if it comes via regular post in violation of due process, and will be charged more if I require the state to actually obey the law and hand-deliver it. Not to mention that I am, in these cases, presumed guilty until proven innocent.

So when I see stories like this, I just can't be surprised. Only a cop would even think of replying to criticism with a criminal charge, and only a cop would get away with it.

I hate cops.