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Musgrave is a lying, duplicitous bitch.

Okay, so since I've called and emailed Rep. Marilyn Musgrave, my evil representative, to complain about her and her cronies' gang rape of the Constitution and their subjugation of the American people in the guise of security, I get friendly emails from her when she wants something.

Up until today, these usually had themes such as:

  • The Democrats are godless heathens, bent on establishing the Antichrist as the world's supreme ruler
  • The Democrats are surrender monkeys who want Muhammad to enslave you and defile your daughter
  • The Democrats spread a slurry of aborted fetuses on their breakfast toast to infinitely prolong their lives and become an unstoppable army of the undead
  • The Democrats are traitors and should be hung

But now that the most recent elections have shown that people basically despise the Republican Party so much that no matter how well they rig the election, the votes kicking their corrupt, treasonous asses out of Washington are just too many to hide, she's changed her tune. Take a look:

Musgrave Joins With Democrat To Push For Permanent Death Tax Repeal

Teams Up With Democratic Sen. Mikulski To Bring Needed Workers To Colorado

Washington, DC: Following her commitment to work with Democrats in Congress, Representative Marilyn Musgrave (R-Ft. Morgan) this week reached out to Congressman John Salazar (D- Antonito) in a joint effort to inform Colorado residents about the negative effects on farmers, ranchers and other small business owners. In addition, the Congresswoman joined U.S. Senator Barbara Mikulski (D-Maryland) and Rep. Bart Stupak (D-Michigan) to urge lawmakers in Washington to support a bill that resolves an economic strain on small and seasonal businesses.

Musgrave Joins Democratic Rep. Salazar To Help Ag Industries In Push For Permanent Death Tax Repeal

Think for a moment about a son who would like to continue working the land his family has farmed for generations, only to find out that he must sell off half of his father's land to pay the death tax. The land he has left is not enough to make a living on so he is forced to sell off the rest and find a new occupation, losing both his father and his way of life at once.

As members of the House Committee on Agriculture, and as representatives of farmers, ranchers and family owned businesses, Reps. Musgrave and Salazar understand the harsh reality of the death tax.

There are few issues in public policy today where such a discrepancy exists between the will of the American people and the action by Congress than the permanent repeal of the death tax. The death tax, also known as the estate tax, has proven to be a failure of public policy.

Read the Musgrave/Salazar joint editorial column in its entirety at:

Musgrave Teams Up With Democratic Senator Mikulski To Bring Needed Workers To Colorado

Small and seasonal businesses, such as Colorado's ski and stone quarry industries, have demonstrated the H2B visa program is a huge success in protecting and promoting America's economy, jobs and national security. However, without an extension, these businesses will face labor shortages this year.

Congresswoman Musgrave is teaming with Democrat Senator Barbara Mikulski, of Maryland, and Representative Bart Stupak, of Michigan, to urge lawmakers to co-sponsor the Save our Small and Seasonal Businesses Act of 2007. This bill would provide significant relief from H2B visa shortages caused by the cap of 66,000 temporary workers allowed to legally enter the U.S. each year.

Employees who have previously worked in the U.S. and returned to their home country should be given the opportunity to again work another season in the U.S. under the H2B program. The past two years Congress approved temporary extensions by overwhelming vote margins.

Congresswoman Musgrave and her Democratic colleagues are pressing for a permanent extension in order to help provide more security for small and seasonal businesses. This week they began circulating a joint letter in the U.S. House and Senate illustrating the important economic impact on businesses and the need for Congress to permanently resolve this problem. (Letter attached below.)

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Marilyn Musgrave began serving in the United States House of Representatives in January 2003, and she represents Colorado's Fourth Congressional District. Musgrave is a member of the House Committees on Agriculture and Small Business. To learn more about Rep. Musgrave please visit her official website at