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Teen couple take pictures of themselves, email them, get busted for child porn.

I'm actually too angry to even see straight, let alone type out a rant.

If you can't see why this judgment is sick, wrong, twisted, and downright fucking evil, really, you can just go to hell.


If I had a list, everybody involved in convicting these kids would be on it.


Fucking Florida! I mean REALLY!

The fact that it's considered pornography (in the majority opinion) because the digital photos MIGHT have been disseminated is what REALLY gets my goat.

So let me get this straight. I take a picture that's legal, provided I keep it private.

However, due to the existence of photocopy machines, scanners, faxes, mimeographs, and the POSSIBILITY that I would change my mind and show the photo to others (or possibly BECOME a for-profit pornographer), I have in fact broken the law!

This isn't even thoughtcrime. It's simply hyperbole-crime! They MIGHT have done something illegal if the circumstances were different! We might as well prosecute everyone with a car or who buys beer because they MIGHT drive drunk! Lock up gun owners because they MIGHT shoot someone!

Sure, the state of Florida might have an interest in keeping those photos from becoming public, but until they DO become public, the state of Florida has no fucking business getting into these kids' personal lives!