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Since yesterday, I've begun a new phase in my life: coughing up and spitting out phlegm.

See, I was never really able to do it before, so I just swallowed it.

But this cold is different. There is so much that I was actually getting sick to my stomach and getting diarrhea from all that putrid mucus.

So I started doing my best to deliver it into my mouth and spit it out.

Boy, what an eye-opener.

You mean to tell me I've been SWALLOWING this green, lumpy, rotten-pudding-y crap for 32 years???

I have turned over a new leaf, turned a corner, started a new chapter in my life. From this point on, I will endeavor every day to get all that shit out of my bronchial tubes and into the wastebasket where it belongs.

This site will help.


oh sweet jesus is that bloggable material?! i feel urpy.

Glad to help!