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Screwin With Drupal, Building a Puter

So... here's a blog entry I guess. (I'm not sure I'm enough of a sharing type for such things..) I really just want to see what drupal will do with it.

So far, I've been really freaking impressed. Ideally, I'd like this site to be a place where multiple people can have multiple blogs and all of it can be organized in a way that users could see any or all of it depending on preference. Maybe I'll just back off and batty can post his RNC spam. (which is an ok read with embedded commentary. ; )

Anyway, today I built a computer. We've got a work thing and I'm trying to put together a sort of kiosk system. Point is, motherboards have changed. I spent a good hour or so before I realized they'd added another power connector that I hadn't heard of since the last time I built a box. I was happy that I didn't have a DOA motherboard though.

*sigh* 90% of all blogs are boring.


Hahahahahah!!! That happened to me last time, too! It's so damned confusing! There should be a giant sticker on the mobo boxes that says "WARNING: LARK'S VOMIT!" How are you supposed to know? Power connectors were the same for like 10 years! And in my case, it was a very new PSU, so I was stunned to find that in the time between buying it and buying a new mobo, somehow the whole damned thing had changed.


yeah.. why the hell they need a second connector in a different physical location on the mobo.. i don't know.