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HOWTO: Upgrade the CDI on a 2006 Yamaha Jog ZR

So as some people in the world may know, I live in Japan and have a much-beloved 2006 Yamaha Jog ZR, which I bought in Sept. 2006 not only as a means of transport (rush hour traffic jams mean nothing to me now, as I zip between cars, between lanes, and in front of stopped cars so I'm always the first through the intersection), but also as a "fixer-upper," as there is an almost endless array of custom parts available for these bikes in Japan (and elsewhere--but they all begin in Japan). The legal speed limit for a 50cc bike is 30km/h, but even stock this went over 60, at which point it hit its RPM limit.

The limit can be bypassed by replacing the CDI unit, which is what I did in the following HOWTO on Flickr.

As I make various customizations to my scooter, I will be photographing the process for any other English-speakers who might be coming in my wake. The instructions for these upgrades can be terribly brief, and always in Japanese, with a few very poor diagrams. By photographing my progress and detailing the problems I run into, I hope that others in Japan (or Oz or NZ, where this bike is also sold), or just other people who have Jog-family 50cc scooters around the English-speaking world can have a point of reference when converting their putt-putt grocery-getter into a roaring (okay, whining) slightly-faster grocery-getting BEAST.

Provided the bike doesn't get stripped of its custom parts some night, which is what happens to these bikes a lot of the time. =(

So, without further ado, here is the first HOWTO I penned on replacing the CDI unit:

HOWTO: Upgrade the CDI on a 2006 Yamaha Jog ZR


Wont you void your warranty by replacing the cdi box?

It's only a one-year warranty, and if replacing the CDI didn't void it, something tells me the high-speed pulley, weight rollers, custom speedometer, high-flow air filter, and expansion chamber exhaust did the trick.

Also, I, like the other main contributor to this blog, believe firmly in tinkering.

Can you find out from the locals if there is a derestricted CDI for the the above model, current CDI is a 8 pin but the the chassis number is 5SU6-010 which is where the issue is.

The CF Posh CDI model that should suit is model number 493061 NOT model 494060 which have worked in other late model Jogs. I cannot get confirmation that the 493061 is a 6 pin or 8 pin CDI and if it suits the above chassi number.

If you can help please reply back.