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Anti-Bike Bias Lunacy

What's wrong with this article?:

“A bicycle can ride on the roadway and they do have all the rights a car would have,” he said. “Unfortunately, he wasn’t on the roadway, he was on a gravel shoulder. And even more unfortunate, there was a brand new sidewalk just installed about 15 feet from where he was riding.”

The details of this article clearly put the fault with the driver. She hit a guy who was on a gravel shoulder OFF THE ROAD.. and It's unfortunate he wasn't on the sidewalk?

It's unfortunate this woman found a way to hit a guy who WASN'T ON THE ROAD SHE WAS TRAVELING .

The only parallel to this that I can think of in our society is blaming rape victims for being raped. (which most reasonable people believe is deplorable) This guy had the right to be on the road. Even so, he wasn't, and he STILL got hit by a distracted driver on a flat straight road at high noon.

Here's a street view of the area where he was hit:

She could have seen a cyclist (at 12:30pm mind you) for miles. But the unfortunate part according to this police lieutenant is that he wasn't on the damned sidewalk..