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1. Make the content harder to get. 2. ??? 3. Profit!

Book publishers have started establishing arbitrary delays in book releases to digital formats. Their hope is that maybe someone who doesn't want a hardcover of their stupid book and would prefer a 0 tree, 0 clutter version will run out and pay 60% more for a hardback so they can read Dan Brown's latest crap RIGHT THIS SECOND!

Let me explain how it actually works. You, the publisher pay a bunch of money to trot your author out on every talk show known to man. He ends up on the Daily Show with Jon Stuart, who I absolutely love. I see the book and have a passing interest. I go to amazon to get a kindle download. It's not there for 2 months.

2 months later I've forgotten you even exist, and I'm in the middle of this other great book I picked up when I went looking for yours.

As a reader, I've gone digital. Get used to it. Get over it. This means you don't have to spend money cutting down a tree, pulping it and gluing it together to deliver content to me. I don't want you to pulp those trees, and I don't want to store the pulped tree in my house. I'd like to save some money in exchange for you not having to pulp those trees. However, I'm still willing to pay a fair price for the content, which you are now allowed to infinitely distribute for nothing!

Things are shifting in the information economy. You can be fluid like the water or be worn away like the boulder.