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Arduino Stepper. Plus, how to run it off of a Makita Battery!

I put together another video of what i've been doing with my dorky geektoys. This is a cool steppermotor/gear assembly i got out of an old dot-matrix printer. I originally assembled it all with a mess of 4 radio shack transistors, but then i found this tutorial (and discovered that nice clean transistor array chip) which made it simpler to work with.

argh... sorry I'm all sniffly in the video. It's cold in my garage. My video production skills still leave something to be desired.. oh.. and the word i was looking for was photodiode. Damned if i was going to go look it up and tape that thing again though.. ; )

so... there ya go.. that's motion.. now what the hell do I do with it? ; )

Free bonus video with purchase!
How to run the arduino off of a 9.6v Makita battery!

I have to say, I'm pretty psyched about this idea. At 1.3 amp hours, I'm one step closer to some robotic fun.


Now you need to mobilize it. You can make an electrical outlet that the pig jams the battery into like a lance for recharging.

Yeah, i have to say, i'm very tempted to pick up one of these:

and some wheels and work up a little breadboard on wheels.. ; )

The best article for newbies!Thanks.

Any diagrams or part lists? I have two bipolar steppers I would like to drive with dual sn754410ne ic's but am having a hell of a time getting it setup with arduino 328