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Hospitals Suck

Sorry about the total lack of further updates.

Gram got out of the NICU the after about a day and a half. It was really nice to finally have him in our room. The fluid on the back of his head got absorbed in that time, but in the process he developed a case of early jaundice. As I understand it, the extra blood volume he had in that bump combined with normal baby start up stuff leaves a bunch of extra red blood cells to process.. etc. Additionally, it's more worrisome on younger kids than ones who have it a couple weeks out.

So, anyway, they've been taking his blood twice a day for a few days. His bilirubin levels went from 6 to 17 in a couple days, which worried people enough that we weren't allowed to leave.

We were hoping to head out on friday night, to the point of packing and such, but then we got the 17 number, which was a bit of a punch in the gut.

So anyway, we're still here. The care at pvh is freaking top notch, but after 6 days of rotating friendly nurses, each of which is not up to speed on you situation your sense of humor starts to crack.

We just got word via a back channel that our current bilirubin level is a 12.. so, wish us luck, we're hoping we'll be sprung from this joint.