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How a Japanese Heat-on-Demand Water Heater Works

I made a little video explaining how heat-on-demand water heaters in Japan work. Our system is about 10 years old.

HOWTO: Wipe Your Butt

I felt it was necessary to respond to this YouTube video with my proposal of a better way of wiping your butt. My method retains the hygienic properties of the crumple method, while preserving the economical and environmental properties of the fold method.

I present to you: The Rolling Method: Best of Both Worlds!

TSA Agents are People Too! (Just kidding. They actually aren't.)

(In the interest of full disclosure, it is important to point out before you read this that I HATE the TSA.)

In "Inside Job: My Life as an Airport Screener," journalist Barbara Peterson reports on her brief time working undercover as a TSA agent. She describes the hassles of working for such a difficult and maligned organization whose rules and procedures are just as confusing to the poor saps who have to enforce them as they are to you and me. She describes long hours, pissy or even violent passengers, and the kind of governmental waste we're unfortunately all accustomed to.

Ultimately, she concludes that the problems are due to poor management and inadequate funding, not due to the evil bastards working the lines at the US airport near you.

And I call bullshit.

HOWTO: Install the Zero Super Euro Chamber Corsa on a 2006 Yamaha Jog ZR

Since the weather has been so unpardonably warm these days, I decided to finally get out on the tarp in the empty parking space next to mine and get this expansion chamber / muffler installed and recalibrate the CVT to take advantage of it.

An expansion chamber is a neat little exhaust hack for 2-stroke engines that causes the engine to burn more fuel/air mixture on each stroke, giving you increased power (and decreased gas mileage, but what can I say, I'm a fashion of slavery). Read about how they work here, and look at an informative animation of one in action here.

This HOWTO will illustrate how to install the Racing Service Zero Super Euro Chamber Corsa on my 2006 Yamaha Jog ZR Evolution.

The particulars should be the same for any late-model (2000 or newer) Jog, and the concepts and procedure should be the same for any Japanese scooter.

More after the jump... (i.e. click "Read more" below!)

HOWTO: Upgrade the drive pulley on a 2006 Yamaha Jog ZR

A more aggressive drive pulley on a scooter with a continuously variable transmission (CVT) will improve performance by reshaping the power curve of a CVT and increasing the ratio of the top end.

This HOWTO will explain how to upgrade the drive pulley in a 2006 Yamaha Jog ZR scooter, but should be applicable to any late-model (2000 or newer) Jog or CV50 (frame number SA12* or SA16*). Basic concepts will also be applicable to any scooter with a CVT (I learned much of this from reading about Italian scooters.)

HOWTO: Install a high-flow air filter into a 2006 Yamaha Jog ZR

A high-flow air filter can get more oxygen into your engine every stroke, which increases combustion and gives you more power. It's also quick and easy to do.

This HOWTO will walk you through installing a Daytona-brand Turbo Filter on a 2006 Yamaha Jog ZR, but should be applicable to any late-model (2000 and newer) Jog or CV50.


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Share your wifi unto others, as you would have others share their wifi unto you...

So a while back on Digg I found a news item covering some company called Fon giving away free wifi routers. Digg often gets various links to free after rebate deals, and I didn't really need a router, but I followed the link anyways. Turns out it wasn't quite what I thought it was.


Since yesterday, I've begun a new phase in my life: coughing up and spitting out phlegm.

See, I was never really able to do it before, so I just swallowed it.

But this cold is different. There is so much that I was actually getting sick to my stomach and getting diarrhea from all that putrid mucus.

So I started doing my best to deliver it into my mouth and spit it out.

Boy, what an eye-opener.

You mean to tell me I've been SWALLOWING this green, lumpy, rotten-pudding-y crap for 32 years???

Arduino NG Google Sketchup Model

I created a basic model of the Arduino microcontroller board in Google Sketchup. Sketchup is a really handy tool. Once you learn to use it, you can model anything and everything with arbitrary accuracy. This model is accurate down to .01mm. (the resolution of my digital calipers)

It should be a handy thing for anyone looking to prototype something digitally before they go making parts.

Run that "Run" menu the way you wanna!

So my friend Nik asked me something about emulating launchbar and quicksilver on the mac, where you can basically type a command at the mac and it will figure out what you're looking for with pattern matching.

This won't do that. Not by a long shot. ; )

The thing he asked me was about the windows run menu, and getting things to run from there with simple commands.

If you're on a windows box, you can do the following:
hold down the windows key,
press 'R'
type 'calc'
hit enter.

Bam! you've got the calculator. Well.. that's handy and all.. but what if you want your own programs in there.

Nik pointed me to the PATH environment variable as the place to change what the run menu searches in.

If you know what your environment variables are, then you probably don't need my hand holding. I added one that points to My Documents\bin\ as I preserve my my documents folder across formats, and I like to keep everything there.

For the rest of you. There's already an environment variable in there pointing to your systemroot. that's C:\Windows\

If you go there, and drop any windows shortcut in that directory, the name of that shortcut becomes the keyword you enter in "run".

Yay! Make a shortcut that points to photoshop, name it 'ps' and put it in C:\Windows\

Then, windowskey-R, type 'ps', hit enter BAM! Photoshop! I'm never going to use my mouse again!


I hadn't a clue how cool this would have been!
1. It passes arguments along.. so.. i made a shortcut called 'ff' that points to firefox. if i use the command 'ff google' firefox opens up and runs google. also, because firefox is soo damned smart, if it's already running, it'll just put google in a new tab.

2. you can do shortcuts to sites. take a firefox shortcut and add a url as an argument after 'firefox.exe'. That pretty much give limitless capacity for web application shortcuts.

3. firefox will take multiple arguments. guess what
"ff" does... ; )


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