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TSA Agents are People Too! (Just kidding. They actually aren't.)

(In the interest of full disclosure, it is important to point out before you read this that I HATE the TSA.)

In "Inside Job: My Life as an Airport Screener," journalist Barbara Peterson reports on her brief time working undercover as a TSA agent. She describes the hassles of working for such a difficult and maligned organization whose rules and procedures are just as confusing to the poor saps who have to enforce them as they are to you and me. She describes long hours, pissy or even violent passengers, and the kind of governmental waste we're unfortunately all accustomed to.

Ultimately, she concludes that the problems are due to poor management and inadequate funding, not due to the evil bastards working the lines at the US airport near you.

And I call bullshit.

HOWTO: Install the Zero Super Euro Chamber Corsa on a 2006 Yamaha Jog ZR

Since the weather has been so unpardonably warm these days, I decided to finally get out on the tarp in the empty parking space next to mine and get this expansion chamber / muffler installed and recalibrate the CVT to take advantage of it.

An expansion chamber is a neat little exhaust hack for 2-stroke engines that causes the engine to burn more fuel/air mixture on each stroke, giving you increased power (and decreased gas mileage, but what can I say, I'm a fashion of slavery). Read about how they work here, and look at an informative animation of one in action here.

This HOWTO will illustrate how to install the Racing Service Zero Super Euro Chamber Corsa on my 2006 Yamaha Jog ZR Evolution.

The particulars should be the same for any late-model (2000 or newer) Jog, and the concepts and procedure should be the same for any Japanese scooter.

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HOWTO: Upgrade the drive pulley on a 2006 Yamaha Jog ZR

A more aggressive drive pulley on a scooter with a continuously variable transmission (CVT) will improve performance by reshaping the power curve of a CVT and increasing the ratio of the top end.

This HOWTO will explain how to upgrade the drive pulley in a 2006 Yamaha Jog ZR scooter, but should be applicable to any late-model (2000 or newer) Jog or CV50 (frame number SA12* or SA16*). Basic concepts will also be applicable to any scooter with a CVT (I learned much of this from reading about Italian scooters.)

HOWTO: Install a high-flow air filter into a 2006 Yamaha Jog ZR

A high-flow air filter can get more oxygen into your engine every stroke, which increases combustion and gives you more power. It's also quick and easy to do.

This HOWTO will walk you through installing a Daytona-brand Turbo Filter on a 2006 Yamaha Jog ZR, but should be applicable to any late-model (2000 and newer) Jog or CV50.



Since yesterday, I've begun a new phase in my life: coughing up and spitting out phlegm.

See, I was never really able to do it before, so I just swallowed it.

But this cold is different. There is so much that I was actually getting sick to my stomach and getting diarrhea from all that putrid mucus.

So I started doing my best to deliver it into my mouth and spit it out.

Boy, what an eye-opener.

You mean to tell me I've been SWALLOWING this green, lumpy, rotten-pudding-y crap for 32 years???

No-Ka or No-... ummm... SUCK???

Okay, I just got done reading this and I swear I want to just fly to Dallas, buy some of the real Bonnat chocolate Noka's using and stand outside their shop giving it away.

Worth a read if you want to reinforce your stereotype of business types as swindling assholes:

Noka's a fraud.

HOWTO: Replace the Speedometer on a 2006 Yamaha Jog ZR

Second in my super-popular series of HOWTOs for the 2006 Yamaha Jog ZR. I replaced the stock speedometer, which topped out at 60km/h, with a Kitaco custom one that goes to 120km/h. I now know how fast my scooter goes: 70km/h.

Today I hope to get outside and replace parts of the transmission to up that further.

HOWTO upgrade the speedometer (Flickr set):

HOWTO: Replace the Speedometer on a 2006 Yamaha Jog ZR

HOWTO: Upgrade the CDI on a 2006 Yamaha Jog ZR

So as some people in the world may know, I live in Japan and have a much-beloved 2006 Yamaha Jog ZR, which I bought in Sept. 2006 not only as a means of transport (rush hour traffic jams mean nothing to me now, as I zip between cars, between lanes, and in front of stopped cars so I'm always the first through the intersection), but also as a "fixer-upper," as there is an almost endless array of custom parts available for these bikes in Japan (and elsewhere--but they all begin in Japan).


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