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Anti-Bike Bias Lunacy

What's wrong with this article?:

“A bicycle can ride on the roadway and they do have all the rights a car would have,” he said. “Unfortunately, he wasn’t on the roadway, he was on a gravel shoulder. And even more unfortunate, there was a brand new sidewalk just installed about 15 feet from where he was riding.”

Today I hate on cyclists

It's a nice morning, it's cool out, but not cold, the streets are quiet, all is well. I exit one of my neighborhood streets on to a local arterial and find myself behind a pod of about 6 cyclists. They were either college or high school kids. They stood out to me a bit because they were all wearing helmets, which is pretty rare with anyone younger than me.

My Macbook Rocks Part 1

I discovered today that the MacBook powers its USB port even while the system is asleep. I've had systems in the past that I've tried this with and never had any luck.

The MacBook is now the biggest most expensive external battery pack for a cellphone one could ever have! I just charged my iPhone almost all the way, while watching streaming tv on it. This reduced my laptop's charge about 20% (if that).

(don't ask why I wasn't just watching movies on the laptop.. it was a geeky experiment.)

Man, at what point did I become a big old Apple fanboy?

1. Make the content harder to get. 2. ??? 3. Profit!

Book publishers have started establishing arbitrary delays in book releases to digital formats. Their hope is that maybe someone who doesn't want a hardcover of their stupid book and would prefer a 0 tree, 0 clutter version will run out and pay 60% more for a hardback so they can read Dan Brown's latest crap RIGHT THIS SECOND!

Want to make cycling safer? Start with the brains behind the wheel.

How old are you and where were you when you got your driver's license?

I'm 31 years old and I grew up in a small town on the plains of Colorado. I got my drivers license after taking driver's ed in high school and passing a DMV test.

It was 1993. At the time, I only knew one or two people who had a cellphone. They hardly ever used them because minutes were very expensive. There was no such thing as texting. The town I lived in had no bike lanes, no roundabouts and GPS didn't exist. My first car with Anti-lock brakes was a 2001.

In the 16 years since I've had my license, I've never had another test. I've never had a refresh of the information I was taught in that one high school class. Most of my driver education since then has been handed to me as a carbon copy of a ticket from a cop.

Every year in America, 43,000 people die in automobile crashes. So on average, 118 people will die today. 1 or 2 will be a cyclist, and 11 of them will be pedestrians.

There are freak accidents, but I don't believe 43,000 people per year are dying in 'freak' accidents.

The cycling community is seeing a revolution in utility cycling. People are commuting more and more. Injuries and accidents are also on the rise. The motivation of the cycling community is to increase cyclist education and to encourage more people to ride. Every day my city planners are making more and more efforts to facilitate cycling. The problem is that the people they are educating don't have the ability to kill or injure others with their mistakes.

I have yet to hear a single proposal to continue the education of the people behind the wheel.

In this country you can go from 16 to 72, and take exactly one driving test. America had 48 states when your average 70 year old took his last driver's test.

How my Murse Wurkes!

Makezine asked for submissions on geekery day to day wear, so I heavily flickr'd my Murse in it's current iteration.

My healthcare rant. v.0.8

What follows is a small back and forth triggered by an email forward from my family. (which means if you want the timeline read it from bottom to top.)
I reposted it here because I want my friends to fact/sanity check my assertions and provide feedback.



I attached the resolution for ya all if you want to see it. Not much there, just that he wants congress critters to forgo their benefits program and instead enroll in the public option. To me, as Michelle and Thomas said, it kind of misses the point of the public option.

Don't forget flickr

Hey all,
I'm getting asked for more pix of Gram from time to time, so I figured I'd point you all over to his rolling flickr set.

We've been sprung from the joint!

We're out!

Gram's last biliruben level was 12, so he's more or less out on no conditions. We can even hold him without the glowy blanket. (which was a hassle)


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