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A Great GTD kit for $1.44

I read a lot of Lifehacker and other organizational blogs. The trend these days is GTD. Basically, you keep and manage lists and ideas on a series of cards, in folders, whatever. This is my implementation of that. (this has also been called a Hipster PDA as well.)

What I use are Mead Ringdex cards..


  • They're cheap and disposable, so you can tear them out and throw them away, (or shred them).
  • They're standard index cards, so you can shove them in the manual feed of your printer for a direct PC->GTD data connection.
  • They're color coded, so you can organize yourself based on the colors. (In my case I just mix them randomly so the color imprints on my brain and I can find the card I want faster.)
  • They come with plastic tab dividers that snap in and out. You can use these to separate the GTD categories or whatever you want. Here are mine:


Now, the ones sold at walgreens are good but the rings are too big. I replaced them with a 1 inch ring so the card stack can be smaller and the rings can be about as big as the stack.

This has the nice side effect of making the stack 'lockable'. So you select the page you want and flip it open so it's on top. You then fold the rings over the top and bottom of the stack and your page is always open.

The nice thing about having these colored edges is that they give a border to your cards where you can easily write a label. I did that for a while, then discovered that I didn't need the full length for labeling, and if I cut some of the edge off I've got tabs!

The last modification I made was to add an envelope. I was envious of people with moleskine notebooks that had a nifty foldy pocket for holding random things, so I created my own out of 2 plastic ringdex covers and some tape.