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If you can't open it, you don't own it... Apple closed it.

Apple finally cracked down on iphone hackers. So today's the day I feel justified in not buying one yet. They've released a fantastically powerful tool and hobbled it to be nothing more than a shiny toy.

As consumers we need to demand access to the software of systems we buy. Software being in the hands of everyone to modify is what gives it great power.

Hackers STARTED Apple. The kind of innovation going on with the iPhone is precisely the kind that created the pc revolution in the first place! People weren't content to have a slice of time on a massive mainframe, they wanted their own computing power in their own hands. They wanted to run whatever code they wanted on computers without asking permission. Without that hacking, the internet as we know it wouldn't exist.

Once again, financial forces are causing people to make stupid choices. Good luck with that Apple. In order to preserve a relationship with a cellular provider that bought into a stupid deal, you've pissed off every iPhone owner with an ear to tech-news. (that's.. most of them)

If someone were to hand me such a system that was as open as my PC, I'd pay through the ass for it.