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Flattery will get you google rank

So every couple days or so I get a new comment on the blarg (most of them on this one article) that sounds like this:

You are really great
Submitted by Essay Help (not verified) on Tue, 02/17/2009 - 11:15pm.

You are really great dude.that's a really cool idea. i may use that in my own filing system.

Now, I'd like to be flattered that this person thinks I am "a really great dude".. but I just can't believe someone talks like that. More likely, they'd like to get a link displayed on my site to their site with the terms "Essay Help" on it in order to boost their site's pagerank.

(For those that aren't familiar Google has a rather ingenious setup where they assume that if someone takes the time to link to you, they like you and you're important. If thousands of sites link to you, you're very important. Additionally, the term they use in the link text ends up being terribly accurate as keyword metadata.)

Out of the box, drupal comments allow for posters to leave their 'homepage' as one of the terms in the comment. This is a pretty cool way to kind of.. spread good will between sites. At the same time, the nasty side of it is that my site ends up contributing to the endorsement of all kinds of stupid crap on the net... without me actually thinking those people are important.

So, I hacked into drupal's guts and turned that off. Am I just being a cranky grinch? or am I doing my part to enforce search engine accuracy?

I guess I leave the question to this thread's comments, should you feel inspired. I'm afraid you can't link to your site though. ; )


Block their IP addresses. Drupal has that ability built-in. It will also prevent page scrapers from stealing your content.

eh, I felt like removing the benefit to them was a cleaner solution.